AED Unveils Groundbreaking End-to-End Open-Source Solution for Mobile Data Collection

GATHERdata™ Speeds Data Reporting and Analysis - Cell Phone Application Enables Efficient Data Collection in Remote Areas
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ICT for Health > Empowering Health Workers to Save Lives

AED-SATELLIFE has been a pioneer in promoting the use of information technology for better health in low-resource environments, and continues that tradition today with the introduction of mobile computing devices such as handheld computers (also known as Personal Digital Assistant or PDA) and mobile phones for information dissemination and data collection. More...

ICT Projects

GATHERdata™ A powerful tool for efficient and cost-effective data collection, reporting, and analysis using mobile devices.

GUIDE™ A content management system for converting very large clinical and health documents into a format for mobile computing devices.

Uganda Health Information Network (UHIN) Supports health workers to collect data and access information using PDAs and the local celllular network.

Mozambique Health Information Network (MHIN) Improves local capacity to collect, transmit and report data using PDAs and the local cellular network.


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Every day, people in poor countries die unnecessarily from malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, pneumonia and diarrhea as health workers do not have access to reliable and current health knowledge. To support this need, AED-SATELLIFE has developed a suite of free information services:

HealthNet News  Access our e-newsletters featuring the most current and relevant clinical and health information selected from peer-reviewed journals for use in everyday practice in low and emerging country settings.

Health Discussion Groups  Engage in global dialogue everyday with your colleagues on urgent health issues.

Essential Health Links  Use an informational resource of more than 700 health/medical websites containing reliable and relevant content for low income and emerging countries.